You must have to check all gauge and have to purchase best wideband gauge. A vital addition to any tuned car, a Wideband O2 gauge informs the driver of the engine’s current air/fuel ratio. In modern high performance turbo and supercharged engines, the air/fuel ratio is king, and must be set appropriately to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Today’s market features a variety of inexpensive aftermarket wideband O2 systems, most of which come as a complete package, featuring all wiring, connections, sensors and gauges. With so many options, it becomes difficult to decide which wideband O2 gauge is the right choice. Recognizing this, AEM developed the popular AEM Wideband UEGO gauge, a full standalone wideband system featuring the industry recognized Bosch 4.2 wideband O2 sensor, which allows for accurate air/fuel ratios as close to 0.1 AFR. You can also compare all these with other gauge which are available.

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The single most beneficial feature of the AEM Wideband gauge is the ability to interface properly with all major engine management systems, as well as with all major dyno systems. The UEGO features 0-5v analog outputs for gasoline, ethanol, E85, and methanol. This integration allows logging of air/fuel ratios during dyno tuning. This complete integration feature provides a tuner with more information about how the car is responding to changes, allowing for a better tune, more power and improved reliability and fuel economy. The AEM UEGO gauge features both silver and black face plates) that allow the gauge to suit any gauge or interior setup. The outputs are easy to read and easy on the eyes under all conditions. Currently, red is the only available color for the central AFR display. As red is easiest on the eyes for night driving.

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First off, and most importantly, on a stock, unmodified car, you do not need any gauges. If any gauges were necessary, the manufacturer would provide them. On a turbocharged car however, it makes sense to have a turbo boost gauge to monitor you boost levels, even if the car is stock. By doing this, you can ensure that the car is running stock factory-claimed boost levels. And see where you are hitting boost. While this is not absolutely necessary, most owners would indeed like to know they are getting the performance claimed by the manufacturer. This can also be used to spot any turbo problems. You didn’t face any type of issue with our gauge. You will get clear vision of umber and also get exact measurement. It works for long and provide you best results for long time. We have professionals for this.

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